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koko+kind RESISTANCE BAND Single

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Voted 'Best in Test' by Women's Running Magazine!!!

5 STARS!!!!!

Maximise your workout by building strength faster and better with fabric resistance Bands.
They increase flexibility, improving form and technique to help you hit that end fitness goal.

Medium resistance - 25-35lbs. 15”x3”

Eco-Friendly material that is durable and extra stretchy. With non-slip grip to ensure the band stays in place. Polyester, cotton and eco latex.


Light, small and easily portable. Great whether you are a beginner who is looking to hit your body goals or if you are someone who is looking to take your workout regime to the next level. Can be used to activate glutes, legs and arms.


The band will help you hit your goals by pushing you from beginner to being able to use the expert band to make those workouts harder. This has been used by athletes during covid unable to get to the gym and also makes a great holiday essential, when you want to continue your workouts, without the faff.