About Us x

Welcome to koko+kind!
We are super glad you found us! So who are we?
Jemma is the heart behind koko+kind, starting as a surface pattern designer, she worked with several sewing pattern companies to showcase their designs, which in turn lead to her creating the ultimate pair of activewear leggings! This pair was featured in many magazines in the UK and USA with many people contacting her to get themselves a pair. With lots of hard work, tonnes of samples and our amazing customers we have really grown our little brand!  We are super passionate about providing you with a fit of legging that is unique to us and fits you like a glove and make you not only look amazing but more importantly feel amazing too. If you haven't noticed by now we love prints and are completely obsessed with a good pocket! 
Since then we have been featured in Hello! Magazine and Women's Running Magazine winning their BEST IN TEST award 4 times, including a long-time love Award and Runner Up in the Small Business of the Year Award two years in a row, 2022 and 2023! We have built an online community of amazing ladies on our social media pages who have a huge influence on our designs and tend to shout GO KOKO! if they see a pair of kokos in the wild! We know that the UK running community is such a support and influence in our business, but these leggings are for everyone no matter the hobby. Horse-riding, yoga, Zumba, Trapeze, outdoor swimming and CrossFit, you better believe our ladies are doing them in koko+kind.
So where did the name koko+kind come from? Well it started with Jemma's mantra, keep on, keeping on. As a run coach the biggest battle women face with exercise, is getting mojo, getting super fit, dedicating so much time to a new activity, then it gets a bit boring/hard/frustrating/unsociable and as women our activity is the first to go by the wayside. So we want to encourage you to keep on going, yes it might change shape or manifest in a new activity but as women we are adaptable and can do that, you just need to keep on, keeping on. Don't give up on your health. How many of us have brothers, sons, husbands who can just flick between golf/running/cycling without a second thought... and you can too. Just keep moving your body and stay active for you!
Pop over to Facebook and join our koko+kind VIP group where you will find sneak peeks, discounts and a community of women who sometimes feel like staying in bed, but more often are up and out and exploring the world! It also gives you ideas how to style your leggings too and what they look like on different body shapes!!.
We are extremely passionate about increasing women's confidence by not only looking good but feeling great too, our compressive fabric holds and shapes your curves, smoothing bumps and allowing you to just get on with your workout, did we mention we have pockets too?
So we have had a super busy time and we are just getting started! We would love you to join the tribe and get involved on our social media. 
Feel free to pop us a message if you have any questions!


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