We bought ourselves a birthday present!! Trees!!!

We bought ourselves a birthday present!! Trees!!!

Ever heard of “The Hummingbird Mindset”?

It’s a story of a small hummingbird who continues to fetch water from the river when a forest fire breaks out. All the other animals watch in horror. When asked what the hummingbird was doing, it replies, “I’m doing the most I can” 🕊💦
Moral of the story… we need to do our best but most importantly we need to work together! 🤝
Why are we telling you this story? Because the Million Tree Pledge (MTP) helps small groups of people and businesses make a big change together by:
🏆 Pledging to plant over 1 million trees by a specific date (2030)
🏆 Finding at least 2 other pledgers to do the same
The MTP only started on Earth day 2021 and aims to gather tens of thousands of pledgers in the next couple of years. That will be billions of trees planted around the world, and they’ve already pledged to plant 31 million trees! 🌏

So why plant trees to save the planet?

🌳 Trees capture carbon & keep the earth's temperature from rising above 1.5°C

🌳 Trees provide shelter & food to wildlife and protect biodiversity

🌳 Trees keep soils balanced and lower the risk of landslides

koko+kind has partnered with Ecologi to plant one tree for every sale made through the website. This is as well as offsetting the business to be a climate positive workforce, whilst also contributing to worldwide ecological charities in a bid to make a difference together.

We will continue to bring you updates on the progress of our partnership, but as it stands at the start of 2022 we have:

0.88tonnes of carbon offset reduction.

Planted 22 Trees!

1 Climate Positive!

Trees planted by @koko+kind
If your business would like to join a revolution you can find out more on our referral link here: https://ecologi.com/kokokind?r=61efdc7bbca26aca50a3de86