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Medical Alteration

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Life can be hard enough as it is without your clothing being an added problem!
We were asked if we could make an alteration to our pocket to allow wires from pumps to go through and the pump can then easily sit in the pocket.

All you need to do is type in “medical pump hole” in the notes section of your order and your leggings will be altered before sending out to you. 

Please do let anybody who may benefit from this know because I know there are already people who’s lives are made easier with this.

 We can also adjust to any specified size of your choice.  Use this option to add a small hole in the pockets or waistband for pumps, stomas or canulas. Just message us to discuss x

The measurements we would need for this is the size of wire fixture, ie. the plug at either end, or canula and where you would like the wire to lead to. This can be any of the three pockets; on either side of the legging or either side of the rear pocket.

Items that have been altered will no longer be eligible for return. Only one alteration is needed if buying more than one piece.

Email with your request and details of your adjustment x