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300ml Soft Bottle for Pockets

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300ml Soft Bottle, BPA Free, and made from Recycled Plastics, will fit koko+kind pockets and most other brands and run vests. No leak, no slosh, extra grippy lids and tapered ends for easy storage and refills. 

We have a bite valve lid which means no leaks on the go! There is a wide, grippy lid so it can be screwed on tight and easily undone even with cold or wet hands for quick refill stops at aid stations and checkpoints.

When you use our koko+kind soft bottle, the bite valve creates a vacuum so you don't get any annoying slosh when you run. They are also comfy against your body.

After each use make sure you give your soft bottles a good rinse out and leave to totally air dry. You can also use baby bottle steriliser tablets now and again to give a deep clean. The rubber bite valve can be removed to scrub for any gunk in the lid. A top tip is to leave your lids in the freezer between uses, this prevents any bacteria and gunk build up. You can put your bottles and lids in the dishwasher but the heat may affect the seal over time so we would recommend hand washing.